Playa Vida Honduras

Located 5 minutes from the La Ceiba Airport, Playa Vida Honduras has the largest selection of affordable beach front properties. We can also guide you through the dynamics of buying in Honduras, thanks to our extensive construction experience in both residential and commercial development. It’s our pleasure to bring the vision of your perfect beach front home to life. From concept to construction, we will work with you right to the day you walk out of your beautiful home and step onto the beach for the first time.

We offer the largest selection of homes from Islands to the mainland. Visit us often, we will be adding new properties along with a diverse selection of homes in price, style, and size. If we don’t have what you are looking for,  let our design team help with your design and locate the right property beach  for you and  your family. We also can find the perfect match for a fractional ownership. Send us your ideal type of property and details and let us help locate the right fit to offset your cost of owning a amazing beach property of your dreams.